Home from the Range…

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Home from the range!

I’m back from a week in Wyoming, and will be posting pix over the next several days. We had a wonderful time in Jackson Hole. Got to hang out with the wildlife, hike up some mountains, and eat like stuffed ticks. It’s a lovely place – art galleries and places of natural beauty. Very laid-back and relaxed.

One of the things that we did that I enjoy the most was a wildlife tour. We went on the sunset trip with Wildlife Expeditions, and had Marian as our wonderful guide. Fantastic trip – worth every dime! We saw several buffalo, a moose, a herd of elk with baby elk, several pronghorn, and a family of beavers with a baby beaver. We learned a great deal about beaver lodges, the habits of buffalo and elk herds, the local geography, and got to see a nice part of Grand Teton National Park.

Here are some pix we took. Alas, I only had my camera phone since my camera shutter broke. But see if you can spot the critters!


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