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Today, my guest is Lauren Lanni, co-creator of The Casual Player

The Casual Player is amazing – I totally recommend it as a nerd-friendly place to hang out with great content! I discovered it in my Facebook feed the other month when Lauren had written an article about the new Wonder Woman dating Superman. And, of course, I have an opinion on that! (For the record, it’s: “Meh on Superman. I like her better with Batman.”)

But without further ado, here’s Lauren! 



Hello, lovely Laura Bickle fans, and thank you for having me as a guest blogger.  I think Laura is amazing so I was very happy when she offered me the chance to do a post on my new website, The Casual Player.
My name is Lauren Lanni and The Casual Player is a popular entertainment, nerd culture, and video game review website I run with my husband David. 
The idea to do the site came from our frustration at being creative people working in a less than creative field.  After majoring in writing in college, we spent five years building our own business and in the process lost the creative fulfillment writing had always provided.
Since our family and business left us with limited time, any video gaming and entertainment time was at a premium.  David realized that he was reading an increasing number of reviews in order to weed through the plethora of games, movies, and shows available. 
We wanted to maximize our downtime together by playing quality games we could both enjoy.  But none of the review sites approached reviews from the standpoint we were looking for:  busy professionals and families in need of entertainment options that appealed to men, women, and different age groups.  So we decided to join forces on a new venture and write about what we love:  geek culture, movies, books, video games, comics, and anything else that struck our fancy. 
Our future plans for the site are to introduce a video series and a podcast in addition to the existing news articles, opinion pieces, and reviews.  We are currently adding new content, user review systems, galleries, and photo uploading capability to our comment section. 
The Casual Player has become a hub for our interests and humor, and will hopefully be a place for people to share in the enthusiasm and sense of community the geek world offers. 
We hope to see you soon at or

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