Returning from RT

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Just got back yesterday from RT Booklovers Convention. I’m still organizing business cards, processing story ideas, catching up on sleep and laundry…but here are some pix to enjoy. The conference was in Chicago, which was entirely amazing.

Saturday was the giant book signing. As you can see, Sparky came along for moral support and enjoyed devouring candy…
On Tuesday, I got to go on a ghost tour of Chicago. Sparky was left at the hotel, alas, but I had the pleasure of the in-person company of my crit partners Jeffe Kennedy and Marcella Burnard. Here we are in an alley that Jeffe dubbed “The Alley of Death and Mutilation” behind the Iroquois Theater. In 1903, hundreds of people perished in a fire at the site, and we were, well…curious.

More info about the fire and pix of the theater are here
Speaking of my lovely crit partners, Jeffe is running a contest today on her blog…Battle of the Butt Ruffles! Drop by for a chance to guess whose butt ruffle at RT was most fabulous.

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