Project Grayskull Party

Posted at Sep 1, 2012 4:23 am in

The latest installment in the Project Grayskull party included this rogues’ gallery of faces: 


Yep. We’ve got the Attack Trak (working), Bashasaurus (working), Stridor, Rotar, Spikor, Zoar, Screech, King Randor, Extendar, Rokkon, Stonedar, Snake Face, Ssssqueeeze, Battle Armor Skeletor, Leech, Jitsu, RioBlast, Mosquitor, Blast Attack, and Blade.

I think that’s everybody.

There were also brats ‘n burgers. By the power of Grayskull…there was mustard.  

My mom, brother, and husband were at the party, which ended with sorting through a box of old pictures that had mysteriously gotten lost and found in our garage. Lots of fun…even saw some pictures at Christmas with some of our original Grayskull toys.


Project Grayskull: Fright Zone Party

Posted at Jul 15, 2012 3:04 am in

Continuing with the tradition of dinner parties featuring Masters of the Universe toys… behold the bastion of evil that has taken over my brother’s dining room table!

That’s right. It’s the Fright Zone. Hordak’s dark lair. With his trusty steed, Mantisaur, he’ll make sure He-Man stays behind bars and that the likes of the furry Grizzlor and myopic Mantenna take over Eternia!


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Project Grayskull: Slime Pit Party

Posted at Jun 7, 2012 1:48 am in

The latest installment of Project Grayskull was a couple of weeks ago. Alas, I’ve been behind on blogging, but here’s a pix of the centerpiece…and there was barbecue. Just the thing for the Slime Pit.

Alas, I was unable to find any vintage slime for the Slime Pit (right), but I was able to get the Dragon Walker (left) operational. It scared the cat when we set it on the kitchen floor and let it scuttle along, but it was fun to see it attack the dishwasher.

In the background is a display case, with Battle Bones in front. Featured this week are: Battle Armor He-Man, Mekanek, Fisto, Saurod, Webstor, Sy-Klone, Ninjor, Snout Spout, the Sorceress, Trap Jaw, King Hiss, and Whiplash.



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Project Grayskull: Party on Snake Mountain

Posted at Apr 25, 2012 1:10 am in

Yet another installment of Project Grayskull has taken place today…and here are the pix! As you can see, Snake Mountain is the centerpiece for this evening’s festivities.

Snake Mountain was restored using reproduction stickers. The microphone was resurrected from the dead by cleaning terminals and adding a new battery…though it does have something of a disco squeak to it. Everything else is all original and cobbled together from the wonderful world of eBay. Panthor still has most of his flocking, and Stinkor has a vague scent of patchouli about him.

Total flash from the past! Some of these toys my brother and I remember from when we were kids and others are all new to us. Snake Mountain and friends went home with my brother, where I hear they will be occupying space in his hobby room…

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Project Grayskull Party – Part One

Posted at Mar 21, 2012 5:36 pm in

So, I had my first installment of the Project Grayskull party last night. My mom and brother came over, and my husband grilled some awesome rosemary lamb for dinner. I made parsley redskin potatoes and hauled out a 2003 bottle of Fat Bastard merlot that was actually still good.

For those of you who I have not blathered to, Project Grayskull is my attempt to reconstruct my brother’s childhood collection of Masters of the Universe figures. It’s been fun so far – lots of cool restoration work and reminiscing. The first gift of Grayskull goodies made an appearance last night, with Castle Grayskull as the centerpiece for our swank partee. The stickers and cardboard cutouts are reproductions, but all the rest of the stuff is original.

My brother got a kick out of sending Spydor walking down the hallway. His legs are held on with JB Weld, which I have discovered is the ULTIMATE glue. Beats all other glues, hands-down.

And, yeah, we played wth Skeletor during the salad course. I don’t see any of us growing up anytime soon.

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Project Grayskull: Mo-Larr Versus Skeletor

Posted at Mar 2, 2012 8:18 pm in

So, Project Grayskull has been chugging along behind the scenes. To those of you who haven’t been subjected to my boring diatribes on the subject, this is my effort to reassemble my brother’s childhood Masters of the Universe collection. There have also been some nostalgic acquisitions for myself.

And also some really cool new stuff. Like this, which came in this afternoon’s mail…Mo-Larr versus Skeletor:

“And what the HECK is happening here in this little diorama?” you ask yourself.

Yep. Skeletor has a dentist. Rock on with your skull-faced self, Skeletor!


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"Honey, there are a bunch of muscle-bound dudes in the dishwasher!"

Posted at Jan 31, 2012 6:51 am in

So, my husband opened the diswasher and found Skeletor taking a bubble bath.

“Honey, there are a bunch of muscle-bound dudes in the dishwasher!”

I rolled my eyes. There were, indeed, Masters of the Universe figures getting washed in the dishwasher. This is part of my master plan, called “Project Grayskull,” to re-assemble my brother’s childhood collection of He-man figures and castles. I think he’ll be tickled pink. We’re both nostalgia nerds and have been exchanging presents from our childhood for years. But there’s a lot of this stuff out on eBay. A lot of it’s dusty. And I got tired of scrubbing it all in the bathtub.

So I thought…why not use the dishwasher? It has a ‘sanitize’ button? Should be fiiiiine…I mean…I put their armor and swords in the accessory basket so they won’t get sucked away. What could go wrong? It’s like spa day in Eternia. Behold, this is Dragon Blaster Skeletor, admiring his purple pedicure:

And it is, at least until husband gets into it looking for a glass and finds Hordak smelling like Thai Dragon Fruit. Yes, the Evil Horde prefers Cascade Thai Dragon Fruit. Use it, or Hordak will kick your ass and send you to an extradimensional hellhole. With slime.

And he’s not the only one affected by Project Grayskull. See Luna inspecting her newest housemate. It’s a big walking spider called ‘Spydor’ (duh). She’s not intimidated by it in the least. I’m hoping that she’ll be like those cats who like to ride their owner’s Roombas. How cool would that be? I would never need a book trailer. All I’d have to do would be direct readers to a video clip of “My cat riding a giant mechanical spider.”

More pix to come as the project progresses and I get things restored. I would really like to get Snake Mountain off my desk, though. And I gotta get some more Pantene before I try to wash Grizzlor.