Flammenzorn & Feuersturm

Posted at Dec 7, 2011 5:37 pm in

The German translation of EMBERS, FLAMMENZORN, is out now. And the translation for SPARKS, called FEUERSTURM (“Firestorm”) is coming out in June. The cover was recently released. More info is at the Bastei Lubbe site. FLAMMENZORN is available now through Amazon.de and the Book Depository.

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Flammenzorn – German Translation of EMBERS Coming in November!

Posted at May 15, 2011 3:58 am in ,

I’m delighted to announce that the German translation of EMBERS will be available in November. Check out the fantastic cover! Nice artwork of the Detroit skyline in the back, and Anya is just lovely. The link to the book on Amazon.de is here.

I plugged FLAMMENZORN: ROMAN into the German-English translator – yes, my college German is that rusty. The translator tells me that it roughly translates to “Flame Wrath: A Novel.” Pretty darn cool.

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