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DARK ALCHEMY – Harper Voyager Impulse, 2015

*”Bickle (Rogue Oracle) adds a dash of romance to the charming adventure, wrapped up with a perfect ending.” – Publishers Weekly, starred review


THE OUTSIDE – HMH Books for Young Readers, 2013

* “Top-notch. . . . A horror story with heart and soul.” —Kirkus, starred review

“At once horrifying, hopeful, and hauntingly beautiful, this gorgeous read with its rich textures and spine-tingling suspense kept me glued to the pages in utter fascination. Laura Bickle is a master storyteller.” -Darynda Jones, NY Times Bestselling author of The Darklight Series


THE HALLOWED ONES – Houghton Mifflin Graphia, 2012

“This is a book to make you fear the shadows–a horrifying and gruesome tale of faith, and things that blink red eyes in the night. I began reading in the daylight, and read on into the late hours, leaning close, biting my lip. I could not look away; I was obsessed. Katie is an unbreakable soul.” —Lauren DeStefano, New York Times Bestselling author of the Chemical Garden Trilogy

“What an eerily believable, unique story! I can’t stop thinking about it–or shivering.”—Melissa Marr, New York Times bestselling author of the Wicked Lovely Books

“Tight pacing, suspenseful scenes, Wow! moments of tension, and exposure into a world I knew little about, The Hallowed Ones is an exciting, terse read. . . . Laura Bickle’s debut novel for young adults has quickly become my favorite dystopian novel of 2012. . . . It left me wanting more, so much more.”—

“Readers will find it hard to put down this suspenseful, scary, compulsively readable adventure.”—Kirkus

“Katie’s an original character, and her thoughtful rebellion makes her an interesting addition to supernatural fictions’s gallery of strong heroines.”—Bulletin


EMBERS – Pocket Books, 2010

“One of the most promising debut novels I’ve read in a great while…I’d highly recommend this book to anybody who reads fantasy. It reminds me in many regards…of another exceptional first novel…Emma Bull’s seminal War for the Oaks, and there’s not much higher praise that I can give.” — Elizabeth Bear on

“Bickle has something great in Anya. Embers has everything: demons, ghosts, dragons, love, sex, police, and murder.”— M.L.N. Hanover, bestselling author of Darker Angels

“Gritty but never grim, Embers is a truly urban fantasy, where the soul of a city haunts every page. I can’t wait for more of Anya and the unforgettable Sparky!”— Jeri Smith-Ready, award-winning author of Bad to the Bone and Shade

“Bickle’s dark, dramatic urban fantasy debut introduces Lt. Anya Kalinczyk of the Detroit Fire Department, who investigates arson by day and hunts ghosts at night…Though she’s a far cry from the usual hip, cheeky urban fantasy heroine, Anya’s stoic determination is completely apropos for a crime-solving loner. Bickle provides plenty of suspense as the arsonist tries to raise a powerful elemental being, and Anya accidentally absorbs a demon that threatens to possess her. Readers will look forward to Anya’s future supernatural investigations.” – Publishers Weekly

“This very promising first novel is a solid fantasy mystery with a strong protagonist and an effective contemporary setting in a decaying Detroit.” – Carolyn Cushman, Locus Magazine

“With a lovable narrator who fights daily with good and evil, Bickle delivers a fun new addition to fantasy reading. She packs her novel with an overall sense of doom, peppered with side stories and relationships that make this a fast, entertaining read.” – Romantic Times (4 Stars)

“I was attracted to this series because I crave new twists on paranormal stories and the main character’s ability to be a “lantern” seemed interesting. Ghosts are attracted to her like a moth to a flame and she struggles with the moral responsibility of deciding which ghosts to let haunt in peace and which ones she will force on their way. However, I was thrilled to discover that one of the real gems of this story is the tidbits of information I learned about being an arson investigator. Laura really did her research and readers will feel like part of the team when Anya is investigating a scene.” – Night Owl Reviews – Top Pick


SPARKS – Pocket Books, 2010

“The second book in Bickle’s series about Anya Kalinczyk is just as wonderful as the first—Anya is a compelling and likable protagonist and Bickle does an outstanding job in her portrayal of the city of Detroit; there are ruins, yes, but also hope in the ashes. Anya never takes herself too seriously and there is a scene in a baby supercenter that is absolutely not to be missed.”- RT Book Reviews (4 stars)

“The urban fantasy genre has a wonderful new heroine in Anya Kalinczyk. Laura Bickle’s urban fantasy world is complete and unique. In a genre drowning under the weight of vampires, witches and werewolves Bickle’s character Anya, a Lantern, is something different and refreshing. And the fire elemental Sparky the salamander – brilliant. The two of them together make a wonderful team…If you are looking for something out of the ordinary in the urban fantasy genre this series is one to try. Not a vampire in sight, no werewolves either but you’ll get lots of ghosts and elementals and Lantern or two.” – Fangtastic Books

“Just as its predecessor in the series did, the marvelous Sparks hooks the reader from its very first page and refuses to let go…As before, Bickle creates a fully-realized world believable and fantastic at the same time. The city of Detroit once again provides a fascinating backdrop for the battle between the very visible and the unseen forces at work in the story. ..Bickle’s deft hand with humor ensures that the serious subject matter does not overwhelm the tone, preventing too much darkness from hijacking this fabulous tale. An unforgettable scene in the fine arts museum manages to be both amusing and sinister at the same time. This excellent series remains a must-read for all urban fantasy fans.” – Bitten By Books

“Sparks is the second book in the Anya Kaliczyk series from author Laura Bickle. From the first chapter, readers can tell that Laura can craft a wonderful storyline with vibrant paranormal elements, fresh dialogue and amazing characters…For fans of the Paranormal Urban Fantasy genre with strong heroines, this book is worth reading and this author should stay on your radar.” – Night Owl Reviews, 4.75 out of 5 Stars—Top Pick


DARK ORACLE (writing as Alayna Williams) – Pocket Books, 2010

“Alayna Williams writes with power and poetry, combining old mythos with complete ass-kickery. You don’t want to miss this series.”- National bestselling author Ann Aguirre

DARK ORACLE is a scientific, paranormal read that takes readers on a wild chase. A subtle romance lends to the entertainment this read offers. Tara is a strong female who has many stories till waiting to be told. An interesting new series that is not quite like anything else!”- RT Book Reviews (4 stars)

“One thing I enjoy about Bickle/Williams is that her protagonists do not conform to the brittle, mouthy urban fantasy stereotype that I find so irritating. They have real problems, and not all of their issues are provoked by their tendency to run off at the mouth. Also, Bickle/Williams (a criminologist) is obviously knowledgeable about law and criminal enforcement, so her stories ring more true than many urban fantasy narratives. Her cops worry about the chain of evidence and warrants and not looking like an idiot in the media…I find this satisfying.”- Elizabeth Bear, Realms of Fantasy Magazine (December, 2010)

Dark Oracle is a novel filled with exquisite descriptions and rich detail that put you right in the middle of everything. While reading you feel as though you have been transported directly to the scene…Mystery, corruption, science, magick, even a little romance…it’s all here in Dark Oracle. It is a richly detailed book full of characters you’ll want more of. Totally unique.” – Fangtasic Reviews


ROGUE ORACLE (Writing as Alayna Williams) – Pocket Books, 2011

“I love the Tarot cards mixed with the FBI profiling. Those are two stimulating subjects and they mixed well with the story line. The secret scheming and underhanded methods of the Delphi Daughters held my attention from chapter one to the end.” – From Barbara Vey’s Publishers Weekly Blog (review by “Dawn”)

Rogue Oracle by Alayna Williams is a suspense-filled and sadly apropos novel that follows Tara Sheridan as she investigates a case that Agent Harry Li is involved with. Dangerous materials are suddenly appearing on the world market, seemingly unrelated to a string of disappearances that are eerily reminiscent of alien abductions as no corporeal remains have been recovered…An unusual villain gives a different perspective on the results of the nuclear tragedy of Chernobyl while Tara struggles to protect Cassie from the machinations of the Pythia who is grooming her anticipated successor…A nicely escalating tension-filled and imaginative novel that follows Tara as she continues to stretch her abilities and mature in her perceptions.” – Night Owl Reviews Top Pick, 4.5 Stars

“A unique and refreshing addition to the genre, this terrific series will appeal not only to urban fantasy fans but also to mystery and suspense readers willing to entertain a touch of the paranormal. This reviewer will be first in line for the next book in this engrossing series, as well as for whatever else Williams offers.” – Bitten By Books, 5 Stars


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