On Three-Year-Old Superheroes

Posted at Jun 8, 2017 7:04 pm


I posted this a few weeks ago on Facebook. In light of the Wonder Woman movie release, I wanted to revisit it. 

I met a three-year-old superhero today.

I went to a library comics show. I was chatting with a couple of cosplayers who were cosplaying Ben Reilly Spider-Man and Wonder Woman from the upcoming movie. Their costumes were amazing, and I was really excited to get to see such amazing work up close.

A little boy, maybe three years old, comes down the aisle with his father, holding his dad’s hand. Both dad and little boy are wearing Spider Man t-shirts. The little boy stops before Wonder Woman with a huge grin on his face. Wonder Woman kneels to talk with him. The boy is utterly speechless, grinning at her. He’s not even looking at Spider-Man, he’s too awestruck by Wonder Woman.

The dad explains that his son loves Wonder Woman. He describes a recent shopping trip. They’d gone shopping for an action figure of Wonder Woman to go with his other superheroes, but hadn’t been able to find one. Instead, the boy found a Wonder Woman Barbie doll. The dad bought the Barbie for him, and now the boy plays with his Barbie Wonder Woman along with Superman and Spider-Man. It probably never occurs to him that anyone ever said a girl couldn’t be a super-hero.

I was struck by that. So much…a parent taking the time on a weekend to take their child to the library for comic book day to meet his heroes. A dad who’s involved enough to wear a Spider-Man t-shirt along with his son… a dad who is entirely fine with buying his son a Wonder Woman Barbie doll.

To this kid, a super hero is a super hero. I have a feeling that kids like this are going to grow up to save this world for us. There are some parents out there who are doing amazing jobs, teaching and nurturing kids who have love and compassion for the world. They get it, on an instinctive level. They’re gonna be amazing leaders, those kiddos. It’s going to be a new day, a really beautiful world when they get hold of it.

And what we’ve got to do is keep this world together long enough for them to do their work. We have to do the best we can to preserve it, to model love, to respect each other, and demonstrate compassion. We’re the soil, the milieu, for these kids to grow up in.

This little boy I met today didn’t say a word. But he was smiling, and he really restored my faith in the future.

Thank you, awesome parents, for raising these kids who are going to be the super heroes who save us all.

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