Library Journal and RT Book Reviews on NINE OF STARS

Posted at Nov 22, 2016 6:54 pm

I’m thrilled to share two new reviews of my upcoming book, NINE OF STARS:

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From Library Journal:


As a geologist, Petra Dee considers herself a woman of science, but she is also the daughter of an alchemist. Living in Temperance, WY, she has dealt with all sorts of magical issues, including her once-immortal partner, Gabe. Now there are rumors in town of an 18th-century wraith known as Skinflint Jack; someone has been killing the wolves in the area, leaving their skins in the snow. New sheriff Owen Rutherford, haunted by a past death on his watch and investigating his cousin’s murder, finds the clues lead to Gabe and Petra’s doorstep. Soon, the couple must flee from Owen and Skinflint Jack and go on the run with the wolves of Nine Stars, which have more than one surprise in store for everyone. VERDICT Following the prequels Dark Alchemy and Mercury Retrograde, Bickle’s series launch mixes alchemy, folklore, and Native American traditions with a wintry Western landscape that will intrigue fans of the Weird West subgenre. —KC


And from RT Book Reviews:

Full marks to Bickle for being unafraid to shake things up on this still relatively new, but consistently engaging series. Our protagonist is as likeable and resourceful as ever, but there are pretty immediate changes in this installment that have major ramifications and probably will for a while. The way the series sticks to a single source of the supernatural (alchemy) while still managing to come up with a wide range of manifestations and applications is very compelling. At some points this particular book does feel like it’s setting up for future entries, rather than just telling its own story, but that’s partly because of how much is going on. When the result is to plant this much interesting material (and really promising new characters) for future use, the slight hitch is worth it. (4 Stars)

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